Employment Growing the Fastest in Utah

Delicate ArchA new analysis of economic data finds that Utah is the top state in the nation for job growth.

Wall Street 24/7 considered a number of factors for their rankings including unemployment rates, the size of each state’s labor force and unemployment levels. After all of that, Utah came out on top.

> 5-year employment growth: 14.5%
> April 2011 unemployment rate: 7.0% (15th lowest)
> April 2016 unemployment rate: 3.8% (15th lowest)
> Industry contributing most to growth: Professional and Business Services

The top-5 states for job growth were:

  1. Utah
  2. Delaware
  3. Nevada
  4. South Carolina
  5. Idaho

The five states where employment is growing the slowest include Alaska, Mississippi, Vermont, Wyoming and West Virginia.