Press Release: Chaffetz’s Spending and Tax Bill Subject of Opponent’s First Television Ad

In his first congressional television advertisement, Republican Chia-Chi Teng released a television advertisement highlighting opponent Jason Chaffetz’s multiple votes for a $1.1 trillion federal budget and his sponsorship of House Bill 2775, the Remote Transaction Parity Act of 2015, which is opposed by Teng and conservative group Americans for Tax Reform.

The advertisement explains that Chaffetz’s bill results in an increase in taxes and makes Utahns vulnerable to out-of-state audits.

The television advertisement depicts President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jason Chaffetz in Washington, D.C. and Dr. Chia-Chi Teng in his roles as a businessman and engineering professor at BYU.  

Dr. Teng highlights his commitment to balance the budget, have fewer laws, create more jobs and to not raise taxes.

The advertisement says:


Who will stop Washington from overspending?

Jason Chaffetz or Doctor Chia-Chi Teng?

Chaffetz voted for trillion-dollar spending bills, signed by Obama, adding to the debt.

And he’s sponsoring a bill that would increase the taxes you pay and subject Utahns to audits from other states, like New York.

But Doctor Teng is a professor and businessman, wants fewer laws, pledged to balance the budget and NOT raise taxes.

DR. TENG I’m Chia-Chi Teng and I approve this message.

“The only way to get America on a different track is to, well, get on a different track. We cannot keep increasing government spending, as Mr. Chaffetz supports, with deficit spending budgets. Doing so results in higher taxes, more regulation and less jobs. This is all related,” said Chia-Chi Teng.

“I do not owe anybody or any group anything in Washington, D.C., so I will cast my votes for Utahns.

“Mr. Chaffetz voted for $1.1 trillion federal budgets for multiple years. The national debt has increased one trillion dollars in the last six months – since Mr. Chaffetz voted for the omnibus bill – and this type of reckless spending is why our federal debt has almost doubled, from $10 trillion to $19 trillion since Mr. Chaffetz has been in office.

“I’ve signed a tax pledge to not raise taxes. So has Mr. Chaffetz, but I will actually keep my promise.

“Mr. Chaffetz is proud of the fact he wants to impeach the IRS commissioner, but it makes no sense to replace one tax tyrant in D.C. with 50 tax commissioners – that he cannot impeach –  from states and territories and who represent 10,000 different taxing entities across the country.

“Americans for Tax Reform was right when they said Mr. Chaffetz’s bill ‘ … creates new and worrisome statutes that threaten the simple principle of no taxation without representation.’”

The advertisement is playing throughout Utah’s 3rd Congressional District on broadcast and cable television and on YouTube.

It can be viewed online at