Democrats Dust off the Romney Playbook Against Donald Trump

The 2016 campaign could feel like deja vu all over again for Republicans. Democrats plan to use the same tactics against Donald Trump that they did with Mitt Romney in 2012. Specifically, a laser-like focus on his business career.


All of the attention Democrats are giving to the Trump University lawsuit is very similar to the attention Democrats gave to Bain Capital and other business dealings for Mitt Romney in the last presidential election. 

The Hill reports that’s by design.

The attacks are similar to the ones Democrats used against Romney, including ads were people talked about losing their jobs because of deals made by Bain Capital. 


The complaints about Trump University could be used in similar ads, said Lis Smith, an Obama 2012 staffer who worked as Martin O’Malley’s deputy campaign manager in 2016. 


“With both of these, you can produce devastating ads with people who are victims of Bain’s ruthless tactics and Trump University’s fraudulent schemes,” she said.  


“Real life, visual, concrete examples help drive home the message, and I think that’s why they are very similar.”