Press Release: New Herbert TV Spot Outlines Vision for Education

Having achieved the goal set six years ago to become the best state economy in America, Gov. Gary Herbert has set a new goal for Utah to become the nation’s leader in education performance. That’s the message of the newest television spot released by the Herbert for Governor campaign.

You can watch the full video here.

“Six years ago, when we faced the challenges of the Great Recession, Utah rebounded with the strongest economy in America, and with success comes new challenge, and new opportunity,” says the governor in the video. “We must now direct our focus on making education in Utah the best in the nation.It will require greater investment in the classroom, and innovative reform to prepare our young people for the jobs of tomorrow. We can do it and we will do it, the Utah Way.”

The governor inherited an economy in deep recession with an unemployment rate of 8.4 percent. He set the goal to make Utah’s economy the strongest in the nation. Today, Utahns are back to work, businesses are creating jobs and the state has posted the top performing economy in the nation nine of 12 months in 2015. As a result, Gov. Herbert has championed an unprecedented investment of $1.8 billion of new money into education and Utah graduation rates have increased nearly 10 percent.

The campaign ads begin airing this week across Utah broadcast and cable stations.