Press Release: Johnson for Governor Campaign Releases New Radio Ads, Extends Television Buys

The Johnson for Governor campaign made public three new radio ads. The campaign has also purchased additional television air time throughout the state for the final weeks leading up to the election.  

Each radio and television ad can be accessed below.

Dave Hansen, campaign manager, commented on the new radio ads: “Jonathan’s message of ending the Common Core mandate and localizing control of education is a call to action applauded by concerned and frustrated parents across the state.”

About the “Governor Johnson” ad, Hansen stated: “We painted a picture of what Utah will be like under a Johnson administration. It lists Jonathan’s priorities. This election shouldn’t be about resting on laurels, but rather about which candidate has the better vision to propel Utah into the future on the basis of solid conservative principles.”   

In rural Utah there is tangible frustration regarding the complacent attitude in the Governor’s office toward the effort to gain ownership of Utah’s public lands. Hansen continued: “For seven years, rural Utah has been consistently disheartened; waiting for relief from the federal government and ownership of what the state rightfully should own. Part of our messaging efforts is letting frustrated and forgotten Utahns know Jonathan will fight shoulder-to-shoulder with them against this significant federal overreach. When Jonathan is governor, rural Utahns will no longer be left to fight the behemoth federal government alone.”

The television commercial titled “Pay-to-Play” consists of the recording from Governor Herbert’s fundraising meeting with lobbyists at the Alta Club. “The Governor’s campaign complains this is a negative ad. Unfortunately for Gov. Herbert, the ad shows his true character when the Governor’s own voice says even if he disagrees with donors, ‘we’ll give you the results that you want.’” Hansen continued, “Utahns have a right to know the unfortunate reality – their current Governor is willing to compromise principles for a check. Luckily, Utahns have the option to end the crony politics by hiring Jonathan.”