‘Political Insiders’ Pick Swinton to Win Democratic Senate Primary

Misty Snow Jonathan SwintonOur “Political Insiders” expect Jonathan Swinton to emerge victorious over Misty Snow in next week’s Democratic primary election for U.S. Senate.

Snow entered the race in March and was able to force Swinton into a primary at the state Democratic convention in April. That was a surprise given that Swinton announced his candidacy to take on Sen. Mike Lee last year.
Snow, a grocery clerk, is part of a group of progressive candidates who were inspired to run by the early success of Bernie Sanders. Swinton, a marriage counselor, is more conservative than Snow and angered many Democrats when he publicly declared his opposition to abortion and Planned Parenthood.
Whoever wins next Tuesday gets the dubious honor of attempting to defeat incumbent Republican Sen. Mike Lee. That’s going to be a tough task as Lee has more than $1 million cash on hand. According to the latest FEC filings, Swinton had a little more than $1,000 in the bank while Snow had not reported any financial activity.

Selected anonymous comments:
“Who will win the privilege of being smashed by Mike Lee in November? Who cares?”
“Neither have any political know how. Very disappointing candidates.”
“It’s Misty’s primary to lose. When your party’s candidate is a sacrificial lamb, you can afford to make a statement. If Utah Dems wanted to vote for a moderate pro-life candidate, they’d be Republicans.”
“As progressive as Utah Democrats are, I just don’t see things breaking Misty’s way.”
“Both are incredibly uninspiring candidates, but Swinton has more money and in most cases, Utah Democrats tend to prefer more moderate candidates for Senate.”
“If Snow wins not only would it be hilarious, the Utah Democrat party would implode and never be taken seriously again.”
“Because of Orlando and the strength of GLBT organizations within the Democratic Party, Misty wins. But the real question is whether she breaks 25% against Lee.”
“Does it even matter. Sacrificial lambs at best.”
“Honestly, I looked at the survey to see who was running.”
“Democrats in Utah are thrashing about and angry. They are going to nominate the most extreme, out of touch candidate possible. This is evidenced by the wide support for Bernie Sanders.”