Is Donald Trump’s Campaign Broke?

Donald Trump 05Hillary Clinton’s campaign already has a massive cash advantage over Donald Trump, and it may get worse.

Clinton had more than $42 million on hand at the end of the last reporting period, while Trump had just $1.3 million. On Saturday, Donald Trump’s campaign made an emergency appeal to raise $100,000 to counter a multimillion ad buy in favor of Clinton.

Forbes’ John McQuaid says it’s clear Trump does not have the personal liquidity to self-fund a national campaign. Another problem for Trump is his unwillingness to fundraise.

He dislikes calling rich donors. He has said that he wants the Republican Party apparatus to take over the functions of a national campaign. This is insane, because the Republican Party has its own job to do. It’s supposed to work concert with the nominee’s national organization, and with down-ballot campaigns. So handing it this huge extra job, without the money to make it happen, will hurt not just Trump but the entire Republican slate.

All of this suggests Trump’s money problems are just beginning, and there are still