Utah Treasurer David Damschen Announces Nearly $2 Million in Lost Property Awaits Reclaim from Over 3,000 Carbon County Tied Residents

Utah State Treasurer David Damschen announced that the State of Utah’s Unclaimed Property Division currently safeguards nearly $2 million in lost or abandoned property from residents and businesses with last known addresses in Carbon County.

Along with all states across the nation, Utah adopted the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (1956) – ensuring abandoned or lost property of its citizens is turned over to State government – not kept by companies, employers, service providers and others.  Examples of such property included uncashed payroll checks, dormant bank accounts, overpaid bills, security deposit boxes and more.  Companies with unclaimed properties are required to transfer them each year to state governments. 

“We urge every resident and business in Carbon County to check mycash.utah.gov to see if any of this nearly $2 million is theirs,” said Utah State Treasurer David Damschen.  “Perhaps you moved and forgot you had a utility deposit or overpaid at the eye doctor five years ago.  Either way checking to see if you’ve lost property is simple, easy and something everyone should do for themselves, their families and friends.” 

“I started my entire auto business with the funds from a $420 tax return,” said Price Mayor Joe Piccolo.  “Checking mycash.utah.gov could give you the same kind of financial bump – especially given the average amount of lost property from a Carbon County addressee is $588.  It’s money you lost, so be sure to complete the simple claim process and get it back!”

The 2015 launch of the simplified mycash.utah.govwebsite and updated marketing campaign fueled a 107 percent increase in Utah’s paid claims volume. The new website makes it easier for residents to search for – and collect – money that might be theirs. In 2015 alone, a record $22.5 million was paid out to owners or descendants of owners who filed claims.

“Each year new abandoned property is turned over, so you need to check the website or call annually,” added State Senator David Hinkins.  “Treasurer Damschen’s team would like nothing more than to see this money back in the hands of its rightful owners or their descendants – and working together we can help do just that.”

Utah’s Unclaimed Property Division currently safeguards a total of $370 million in unclaimed property from throughout Utah, with many states across the nation holding higher totals.  Lost or abandoned property submitted in 2015 is now searchable online at mycash.utah.govor by calling 801-715-3300.  

“Seeing Utah citizens reunited with their lost property is one of the highlights of serving as your State Treasurer – and I want to continue seeing record claim levels in Carbon County and throughout the State,” concluded Treasurer Damschen.