Is Trump 2016 a Replay of Romney’s 2012 Campaign?

Donald Trump 09It looks like Donald Trump is making some of the same mistakes that doomed Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign for president.

The New York Times says Romney was basically doomed by a series of TV ads from the Priorities USA “super PAC” that defined him in the mind of voters before he had a chance to. That same group could deal a crushing blow to Trump’s campaign in the same manner.

Mr. Romney, in those renderings, was a heartless corporate raider who talked about liking to fire people who did not provide good services, and whose private equity firm feasted on the modest-wage jobs of hard-working people.


At the same time, Mr. Trump is off the air in terms of paid advertising. He has not aired a single ad since he became the presumptive Republican nominee on May 3. The Republican National Committee is not on the air helping him, and neither are any super PACs to any surgical degree.