Yikes! Poll Shows National Support for Trump Collapsing

Donald Trump 10A new national poll shows Donald Trump’s bid for the White House has basically hit the skids over the last month.

The Washington Post – ABC News survey finds Hillary Clinton has raced to a 12-point national lead while Trump’s support has fallen 7-points during that time. This is the lowest Trump has polled since September of 2015, and it’s the highest mark for Clinton in the same survey.

The survey finds nearly 2/3 of Americans say Trump lacks the necessary qualifications to be president. 

The same survey also found that supporters of Bernie Sanders are starting to move to Hillary Clinton faster than expected following Clinton’s clinching of the Democratic nomination, which is mostly responsible for Clinton taking that big lead over Trump nationally.

The survey found in May, 20% of Sanders supporters said they would vote for Donald Trump over Clinton. This month, that number shrunk to just 8%. 

Clinton backers in 2008, after all, eventually came around to Barack Obama’s candidacy and overwhelmingly supported him in the general election. We’ve used this as our baseline in comparing how quickly Sanders supporters might come around to Clinton in 2016.


But here’s the thing: It took them a while. In June 2008, 20 percent of Clinton backers said they’d go for John McCain. In July, it was 22 percent, then 18 percent in August and 19 percent in September. It finally dropped to 14 percent in October.