National Headlines 6-26-16

In Britain, Waiting for the Deluge (Politico)

The lonely lives of Latinos for Trump (Politico)

Sanders: ‘We lost some very important fights’ in Democratic platform (The Hill)

Poll: Clinton holds slight lead in key battleground states (The Hill)

Could a Brexit sentiment sweep Trump into office? (McClatchy)

Hillary Clinton leads, but Donald Trump supporters are more certain they’ll vote (Washington Post)

Supreme Court set to rule on Texas law restricting abortion clinics (New York Daily News)

Brexit emboldens Texan campaign to ‘Texit’ from United States (Christian Science Monitor)

George Will: Trump’s judge comments prompted exit from GOP (CNN)

Police detective says misleading narrative presented to grand jury in Freddie Gray case, records show (Baltimore Sun)

U.S. Economy Looks Likely to Weather ‘Brexit’ Storm (Wall Street Journal)