GOP lawmakers focus on right-wing media posturing, not fixing Utahn’s problems

The Utah Democratic Party released the following statement:

If all you read is Utah’s GOP leaders endless posturing on critical race theory, you’d be clutching your pearls now, just like they do in an endless show to their base. Now, with lawmakers looking to advance a resolution supporting a ban on teaching CRT in Utah schools in today’s extraordinary session, perhaps it’s time for a lesson in educational policy.

Critical race theory isn’t taught in Utah schools — the Utah State Board of Education has even confirmed this to lawmakers. Our Republican leaders, desperate to posture as Utah’s Next Top Extremist, feel the need to show off and hijack the valuable time of our legislators by pushing needless legislation to cater to a right-wing media base.” said Utah Democratic Party Chair Jeff Merchant. “These counterproductive and rushed resolutions on Critical Race Theory and on becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary State fall against the wishes of the Governor, most Utahns, and waste the time of our legislature and staff.

Utah Democrats believe that the Legislature should be focusing it’s time during today’s Special Session on the valuable funds appropriated to the state via the American Rescue Plan. The ARP was passed by President Joe Biden and Democrats in the House and Senate, and now provides Utahns with $1.4B in state funds that will go to fixing infrastructure across Utah.