U.S. Senate candidate Ally Isom offers a compact with Utah, commits to fighting for the right things

Ally Isom’s red running shoes are showing some wear. After walking with and listening to everyday Utahns in nearly 70 Utah communities, the business and community leader used what she heard to craft her United States Senate campaign policy priorities. Launched today, The Right Things: A Compact with Utah, A Vision for America is Isom’s commitment to the people of Utah to reject politics as usual, to be a listener, a convener and a collaborator.

“Together, our focus must be fighting for the right things. We must return to the timeless core principles that unite Utahns—stewardship, family, integrity, well-being, order. Those principles make communities strong. They make nations strong,” Isom said.

The eight policy pillars in The Right Things: A Compact with Utah, A Vision for America include: 

1. CLARITY: Active listening and straight talk go both ways.

2. STABILITY: Inflation-fueled deficit spending is immoral and unsustainable.

3. STEWARDSHIP: The responsibility for water, land and air is ours. Now.

4. FAMILY SUCCESS: When families thrive, communities thrive.

5. INFRASTRUCTURE INTEGRITY: Support state-driven solutions and ensure accountability.

6. INNOVATION: The nation that scales clean, affordable technology solutions will prosper and lead.

7. HEALTH & WELL-BEING: Prioritize wellness and access.

8. ORDER IN THE REPUBLIC: Reform failing mechanisms

“This compact is a joint effort with the people of Utah, a commitment to focus on the things that matter most, a vision of the opportunity before us. We must further the ‘unfinished work’ President Lincoln said was our responsibility when he offered that unforgettable speech at Gettysburg.”

“The biggest threat to Utah’s way of life and this nation’s future is our divided nation. I’m convinced we can find our way to the table together, to meaningful dialog and shared solutions,” Isom said. “Utah deserves leaders who put ego and microphones aside, leaders who surrender personal ambition and act with integrity and compassion, leaders who envision a better way.”

Under each compact principle, Isom specifies solutions she will support as Utah’s senator. They include items like using a family budget lens on the nation’s budget, supporting Utah’s defense economy and life sciences industry, integrating mental health courts, supporting state-driven infrastructure solutions, ending period poverty nationwide, preparing for the next pandemic, and preventing waste and fraud.

To learn about Ally Isom, her compact with Utah, and participate in her #WalkAMile listening tour, visit https://allyforutah.com @allyforutah on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter