Hunsaker’s campaign bakes 2,000 loaves of bread and closes the gap despite massive 27x fundraising by opponent.

Recent FEC filings show Jake Hunsaker, candidate for Congress in Utah’s 4th District, fundraised twenty-seven times less than his opponent in the most recent period. New internal polling, however, indicates Hunsaker is well within striking distance for next week’s primary.  The campaign surveyed 530 randomized Republican voters between June 12-16, 2022. Polling details available upon request.

“I was told early-on that you can never outspend an incumbent, but you can outwork him ten to one. That’s exactly what we’ve tried to do, and our hard work is paying off. Every vote is going to count,” said Hunsaker.

Despite being out-raised and out-spent, internal polling indicates the campaign is within the margin of error of a possible dead heat in next week’s primary.

Hunsaker stated: “Voters feel neglected and forgotten. We all want our voices back.  We know that Owens hasn’t passed any bills. He fundraises 80% outside of our state. He doesn’t live in our district. He refuses to debate to earn votes. And when our representative doesn’t engage with our communities on critical local issues, it’s time for someone who will. This is exactly why I’m running.”

Hunsaker has become informally known as the candidate of “homemade bread solutions.” He and his family have pitched in to bake over two thousand loaves of wheat bread for delegates and voters. Thick slices of homemade bread are a staple at Hunsaker’s campaign events. Growing up in a family of eleven children, Hunsaker’s parents taught him conservative principles of financial responsibility, ingenuity, and self-reliance.  When they didn’t have money to pay for things like piano lessons and pet surgeries, they baked bread as payment instead of borrowing money or just ignoring the problem.

“We need to remind the federal government that simply printing more money is never the right thing to do,” Hunsaker stated. “Washington desperately needs leaders who will stop spending money, show up for those they represent, and help solve problems with ‘homemade bread’ conservative solutions.”