Mayor Wilson responds to UDOT’s record of decision

In response to UDOT’s announcement regarding Little Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County Mayor Wilson issued the following statement: 

“Today’s UDOT’s decision is not surprising, and the inclusion of the gondola is disappointing. However, thanks to pressure from residents and our county’s advocacy, UDOT has committed to making sure Common-Sense Solutions in this initial phase are successful. That’s great news because it means the gondola is not inevitable.  

I continue to stand with the majority of residents who are opposed to a massive gondola permanently marring Little Cottonwood Canyon. We believe Common-Sense Solutions can solve the problem. I will continue to work collaboratively with UDOT and stakeholders to make sure Common-Sense Solutions prove we do not need a costly and unsightly gondola in our cherished canyon.” 

Mayor Wilson has been advocating for Common-Sense Solutions instead of a gondola since [YEAR]. She has collaborated with UDOT throughout the process and is glad that they have committed to ensuring Phase 1 succeeds, which includes many of the Common-Sense Solutions proposed by Mayor Wilson. 

Mayor Wilson’s Common-Sense Solutions Include:

  • Investment in the Enhanced Bus Alternative with electric buses
  • Mobility hubs
  • Tolling infrastructure plus other travel demand management strategies, including vehicle occupancy restrictions, resort parking reservations, and enhanced smartphone app technologies
  • Multi-passenger vehicle incentives such as micro-transit, carpooling, and rideshare programs
  • Increased enforcement of UDOT’s Traction Law, together with expanded hours of traction device inspection operations
  • Potential increased canyon roadside parking fees. Supplemented with increased parking violation enforcement        

What does phase 1 include? 

  • Improved and increased bus service – with buses running every 10-15 minutes 
  • No canyon widening
  • Bus resort stops
  • Mobility hub at the gravel pit 
  • Tolling 
  • Winter roadside parking restrictions