Guest opinion: Fears about Bolton as national security adviser are unfounded

General H.R. McMaster is out, Ambassador John Bolton is in as President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser and the world will be a better place for this decision.

Bolton is a Reagan era realist who will bring strength and determination to the White House and American foreign policy. There has been a lot of hyperventilating amongst Beltway insiders and the media, but their fears are unfounded.

Putin, Kim Jong Un, Maduro and all the other authoritarian world leaders are about to experience a rude awakening. Bolton is a hardnosed negotiator who will be a bull dog for President Trump and the U.S. on the world’s stage. As National Security Adviser to the President, he will masterfully navigate Washington D.C.’s foreign policy bureaucracies to provide the President with the best options. He will help bring about a cohesive foreign policy strategy that will increase America’s security and decrease state and non-state threats abroad. In discussing his appointment and the task ahead, Ambassador Bolton has said, “We need a long-term strategy to deal with countries like Russia and China with long standing rulers.”

Bolton will be relentless in his pursuit of America’s interests when dealing with terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Boko Haram. He is unlike the lead from behind national security and foreign policy advisers of the Obama era, he will put America’s interests first. Nor is he a frothing at the mouth, war hawk like some of his critics’ claim. I met Ambassador Bolton in Washington D.C. at an event on Capitol Hill back in 2013. I found him to be highly intelligent and passionate about U.S. security issues. He is a levelheaded a Reagan era realist who believes that peace can only be obtained through strength.

The world is a dangerous place. Russia is waging a large-scale propaganda and misinformation campaign against democracies across the globe. China is conducting economic espionage and theft. Kim Jong Un and his Hermit Kingdom is escalating nuclear tensions in the Korean Peninsula. The Shah in Iran and his Revolutionary Guard is still sponsoring terrorist groups in the Middle-East and abroad. President Trump needs a National Security Adviser he can depend on. Ambassador John Bolton is the right man for the job. In the words of Senator Lindsey Graham, Bolton’s appointment is “good news for America’s allies and bad news for America’s enemies.”