Inland Port Authority signs agreement with SecurSpace for truck parking space

Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) and SecurSpace have signed an agreement aimed at identifying additional statewide locations for safe and secure truck parking. SecurSpace is an online marketplace that connects trucking companies looking for truck and trailer secure parking and storage options to property owners with dedicated or excess capacity.
A lack of space at designated truck parks along the Wasatch Front often forces long-haul truckers out into neighborhoods and on the side of busy streets to rest. Without a place to plug in auxiliary units, those trucks must idle to keep drivers warm. Based on driving surveys and overnight truck counts conducted earlier this year, UIPA estimates that as many as 300 trucks per night park along roadways in and around the Port Authority’s jurisdiction.

“This agreement with SecurSpace is a first step in addressing a logistics industry problem that has grown along with our society’s increasing dependence on goods movement,” said Jack Hedge, Executive Director of UIPA. “By identifying supply and matching it with demand for truck parking, we are also addressing a real safety issue for truckers and our neighborhoods, particularly on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.”

SecurSpace was founded in 2017 as what has been described as an Airbnb for the transportation industry. Today, more than 2,500 companies use its nationwide parking and load management platform, which will be accessible through a direct link on UIPA’s website.