National Headlines 6-14-16

Study: Trump boosted, Clinton hurt by primary media coverage (Politico)

The Group that Wants to Arm Gay America (Politico)

Spokesman: Sanders has no plans to drop out (The Hill)

Russian hackers stole DNC’s research on Trump (The Hill)

Omar Mateen: Gunman made surveillance trips to Disney complex, Pulse, officials say (CNN)

Orlando attacker’s ties to American suicide bomber in Syria ‘deeper’ than thought (FOX News)

Obama goes on tirade against Trump over ‘dangerous’ Muslim ban, ‘radical Islam’ (CNN)

Judge orders videotaping of deposition of Clinton IT to go forward (Washington Post)

Texas Judge Dismisses Misdemeanor Charge Against Undercover Planned Parenthood Filmmaker (TheBlaze)

Lawyers invoke Nixon trying to obtain Christie’s phone records for Bridgegate probe (New York Daily News)

U.S. stocks slump as Fed meeting kicks off; ‘Brexit’ fears climb (MarketWatch)