Jake Hunsaker kicks off his campaign for Congress

An official campaign kick-off will be held Tuesday, August 24th at 4:30 pm on the south steps of the Utah State Capitol Building. Jake Hunsaker, a Riverton resident, and business professional will publicly launch his campaign to represent Utah’s Fourth Congressional District. The public is invited to attend.

Tuesday evening Hunsaker will address the crowd on the Capitol steps and rally support for his efforts.

Hunsaker enters the race as a conservative Republican. His focus is on building a strong coalition of Utahns focused on recentering the GOP on conservative principles over personality-driven politics.

Hunsaker stated, “Utahns agree: Washington is broken. Politicians on both sides pander for cheap political points. It’s time to put principles over personality, solutions over soundbites, and optimism over outrage.”

Utahns are concerned with complex issues including immigration, climate change, technology, health care, and family values. Yet, few leaders are addressing these issues effectively. 

“The wedges tossed into the ever-deepening partisan divide, prevent progress, and foster an unhealthy focus on political theater that doesn’t lead to the kind of discussion that all of us hope for and leads to real solutions,” says Hunsaker.

Hunsaker’s campaign aims to chart a clear, conservative course for the future, and increase the long-term viability of the party among a broader base of voters. 

“Many Republicans feel homeless. They’re increasingly disengaged and in some cases have left the party altogether. I want them to come back. I want them to join me. We can promote conservative principles and fiscal responsibility, all while we commit to respectful, healthy, and effective dialogue. Our generation must do its part to heal this divide for future generations. We are at a critical juncture.” continues Hunsaker.